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Dollar weak as Tensions ease14 May 2018 by Dave Evans

Morning Report: 07.00 London

Markets are becalmed this morning as tensions ease between China and US, while Trump axing of the Iran deal has so far failed to worry markets too much.

The dollar index is unchanged, but the bull trend has certain paused if not turned.

Both the EUR/USD and GBP/USD are higher, but the former continuing its impressive recovery off the lows. The EUR/USD has rallied well since breaching the 1.1900 level. The EUR/GBP remains in the 0.88 region, the lower range of the median level over the last nine months.

The AUD/USD unchanged though after a similar rally off the lows.

The yen pairs are following suit, with the GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY making gains while the USD/JPY is unchanged.

Coming up today

We have a quiet day today, with only FOMC member Mester speaking at 07.45 the only item of not.

Trade Idea

The USD/CHF had a powerful run that saw it breach parity levels. This may have exhausted some of the buying momentum, making downside bets look attractive.

May 14th, 2018: Dollar weak as Tensions ease

A good way to play this is a ONE TOUCH trade predicting that the USD/CHF will touch 0.9850 within 14 days for a potential return of 185%.

May 14th, 2018: Dollar weak as Tensions ease